Sonic Dynamo

Sonic Dynamo is being developed by Clouder, Hobbers, Stritix, and TelosTurntable with previous contributions by InfinityAlex, ZigZagX, PicsandPixels, Jassbec, Mr Lange, and Can of Nothing. The game features custom sprites made by Hobbers and music by Jassbec and Mr Lange. The project was initially called Sonic Paradise and we'd planned it as an open world project where the player would collect upgrades and complete tasks to advance, similar to the Banjo-Kazooie series, but during development, we decided to switch the focus of the game to a more traditional Classic Sonic game in an attempt to create a spiritual successor to the classic era series.

For NCFC 2020, we have updated the previous SAGE build with new music and revamped level design. We will be revealing the all new sprites and OVA influenced direction for the project soon.

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