Mario Movie Game

Mario Movie Game is a game I have been designing and developing starting back in 2015. I made some sprites for Mario and Luigi in the Movie's style, hype train came and went. I did develop some gameplay for the game from years ago. It took a lot of hard work to get to what I developed. It's just going to evolve from here.

There is planned to be man different characters from the Movie and some of my own creations. Right now there are only a few gameplay videos to look at, I am trying to merge the beat em up/ adventure style of the movie and platforming style of Mario.

Here are some videos:
2015/2016 Early Prototype:

2018 Punch Prototype

2016 World Select

Concept art:
Movie Game Poster:
King Koopa:
Koopa Kids:
Princess Daisy
Vote for Koopa:

Download Game - ew0o3g