Voice of Flowers (early demo)

Long time ago I made a Mario/Castlevania fan-game called Mariovania. I've put it on MFGG forum and the 2016 edition of NCFC. It had over 10k downloads overall and few full let's plays on YT, so it was relatively successful for a fan-game. This is when I thought that it could be a legit indie game if it didn't infringe copyrights with its existence. The original plan was to simply replace the assets and story (bruh), but the idea evolved a bit and thus Voice of Flowers was created.

VoF is a 2D metroidvania, heavily inspired by Mario and Castlevania series. It's set in a somewhat post-apocalyptic world where plants are mostly extinct due to magic-absorbing crystals. The story follows Hana, as she embarks on a quest to destroy the crystals and restore the nature.

The demo is around 30 minutes long and contains ~5% of the final game's content. Note that this is an extremely early pre-pre-pre-alpha release and the game sucks visually. Almost everything is a placeholder, including sprites, music (half of it at least), sound effects and even some details of the story. You could call it Placeholder: The Game, except it's actually playable. I tried to polish it as much as possible, so hopefully you won't run into major bugs.

You can download the game here:

(the Linux build is not really tested, please report if you have problems)


>> Follow my Twitter if you are interested in the progress <<

I'm looking for an artist. As you can see on the screenshots, the game looks bad and I don't have anyone in the team that can draw. If you played the game and are interested in doing graphics for it, you can contact me on Discord: KoBeWi#0956
Note that there's LOTS of things to draw, it's a very big project. That said, I can pay.

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