Megaman Super Charged

Ever wandered what Megaman would have been like if it receiving the Castlevania 4 treatment on the Super Nintendo? Megaman Super Charged aims to answer that! this is a project me and Zedicon have been working on in private together.

My role has been the head programmer, making the game in Godot to show how easy it is to put a Megaman game togehter.

Zedicon has been working on some amazing sprites for the game as this is something we both wanted to do for a long time.

As for why this is a pitch? We're trying to figure out how interested people are in seeing this becoming a full game, we'll be looking for more help as the project goes live and if we get enough support we might have more plans going forward.

For now however enjoy our Cutman demo and let us know what you thought!

Please note that everything is subject to change (we didn't have time to create original assets or refine the level design for the demo but we have something amazing planned so keep an eye out)


Sharb - Programmer
Zedicon - Artist
E-Clare - Sprite Artist

Special thanks

MelonadeM - Cutman remix

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