Pokémon Gratia

Pokémon Gratia
-Tomix9tomix - Main Dev
-Monika - Artist
-NuclearOmega -Stat designer and playtester

Made Using Pokemon Essentials

Features and Premise:
As a child of Snowcrown Village you have been selected as the "bearer" for the annual Gratia Ceremony. It is your job to travel around Mosco Island defeating the guardians and earning their respective orbs, so that you can complete the ceremony. However, not everything is quite as straightforward as it seems... This year might be a bit different...

-3 gym style guardians to battle

-3 betamon from the Gold and Silver Spaceworld demo re-purposed as Fakemon

-Custom protagonists, play as a girl or a boy!

-12 Legendarys to collect and find! (this is including the betamon as legendarys)


This game was made in 40 days as part of a game jam

Pokemon Essentials Kit:




The following music:

-And the machines came at midnight

-Bustling Village

-Faraway winter wonderland

-Underground stream

-Blue ridge

-Desert crossing

-secret sea cave

-Magical discovery

-the secret village

-Indian Ocean Twilight

-Hypnotic Orient

By Eric Matyas at Soundimage.org

HM items script:


GenI-V Overworlds:





















Snowy tileset:

-Dawn Bronze

-Fanking Omega


Winter mountain panorama:


Pokemon Umber tileset:

-Dawn Bronze



-Calis Projects






Gen5 backsprites:


Title screen text


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