Sonic Uprising

SONIC UPRISING is a 2D side-scrolling platform fan project led by bennascar and Team Giga-Drive. Uprising is inspired by the classic formula from the Mega Drive Era of Sonic the Hedgehog, expanding it by taking elements from various other titles in the series. The project's goal is to create a story inspired by SEGA's recent title; Sonic Forces, while also being able to tell a narrative that goes far beyond a simple reboot.

As many of you are familiar of this, Forces was undoubtedly considered the most disappointing moment in Sonic's current years so far. The game contains inferior level design, wonky controls, questionable character usage and a story arc so messy that it gives fan fiction writers a run for their money. Many would even go so far to call it inferior compared to the infamous Sonic '06.

However, Forces did have good ideas. Ideas that, unfortunately, got buried under a slog of poor production choices. So what would happen if we were to increase the power of these ideas?

Sonic Uprising's mission is to rework the entire game's plot as a whole, which was the major focus of the game, with features such as additional characters, better 2D physics, improved level design, ideas that were scrapped before production and much more to come.

However, since Uprising has it's own version of the canon, there may be some differences from the actual canon. As Metal said... there is only one Sonic.

This build of the game is what we consider as the debut demo. It doesn't have any story content, but it does contain 5 of the 8 playable characters, as well as 6 of the main playable levels, with one being partially finished.

This demo represents close to a years worth of hard work. The game is made by the power of CORE Engine on Clickteam Fusion 2.5+. Most of the assets and all of the music seen in this demo are made from the ground up, completely original for the game. The full credits list will be in the demo.

We request that these assets do not be stolen or used in other fan games unless given explicit permission. (Fan animations may be the exception however.)

If you want to follow updates on the game, or even audition to assist in its development, please check out our Discord server and Twitter page!

Please enjoy the demo, and look forward to the release of the first chapter of the game's story mode in the future!

(The build may go through some tweaks throughout the expo, it may be down sometimes for fixing. Don't be afraid to give criticism and/or report bugs.)

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