Super Mario Bros 5


Super Mario Bros 5 Is a fan game by no way affiliated with Nintendo and is suppose to be a fan made sequel to the original quadology. The Game is inspired by the old Classic Mario Games (SMB3 and SMBW mainly).The Only reason why it's not called SMB4 because

1. Super Mario Bros 4 Is Super Mario World (In Japan)

2. There are Fan games called Super Mario Bros 4

Super Mario Bros 5 Includes:

Over 100 All new 2D Levels

An Fully Remixed and used Soundtrack across the series

An Original and unique story

8 Main Worlds Plus 3 Extra Worlds

Returning Bosses

Hidden secrets and exits.

More than 13 World Maps to explore

And Much More!


After Mario took a grand odyssey around the world. Peach invites Mario and Luigi to a party, Unfortunately, Bowser returns with his Krazy Koopa gang (Koopalings and Boom Boom) to marry Princess peach once again, and this time Bowser is after the Orbs of Power which grants the user unlimited Power if all 7 are collected

Can Mario Stop Bowser once again?


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Teaser Trailer

Overview Trailer

Launch Trailer

By The Fans, For the Fans

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