Splatoon: Torrential Climb

A short 2D platformer game based on the Splatoon series, made for the first Mario Fan Games Galaxy Game Jam.

One day a lone Inkling was minding their own business in the underground sewers of Inkopolis... when suddenly, the water levels begin to drastically rise! The city is not safe with the water levels so high! Who or what could have done such a thing? Your objective is to make your way to the top of the city by riding up walls, or sneaking through ink, and put a stop to this!

=Default Controls=

Left/Right: Move
Up/Down: Aim
X: Jump
Z: Shoot
C: Turn into Squid
ENTER: Pause

This game is also compatible with XInput and DInput game controllers, and the controls can be changed/re-assigned on the title screen.


LangtonLion64 (programmer)
SonicKade2048 (sprite artist)
SuperAndrigiBro (cover of "Splattack!")
Sound effects used were ripped by Random Talking Bush

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