Famicom Fighters

Famicom Fighters is a fighting game where various characters throughout the Famicom's and NES's library duke it out with each other!

There's several battle formats: your traditional 1-on-1 fight, tag team battles, and teams up to four characters that swap out after each one is defeated. Not only can you do your standard versus matches, there's even your traditional arcade mode as well as a survival mode! You can even play with others online! Famicom Fighters also utilizes the original Famicom/NES controls, allowing you to even use a Famicom/NES controller!

Versions include:
-M.U.G.E.N (for single player and local co-op)
-IKEMEN (for netplay)

Current characters include:
-Urban Champion
-Star Man (from Pro Wrestling)
-Mega Man
-Simon Belmont
-Thonolan (from Kick Master)
-Dig Dug (Taizo Hori)
-Ryu Hayabusa

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