NCFC 2014 has officially ended.


(Current Format of) NCFC Directs canned    Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Monday, 13th July 2015 at 02:05:08 AM
In light of Satoru Iwata's passing, the current NCFC Direct format will be discontinued.

It was decided after finding a consensus that further Iwata edits for NCFC Direct would be considered distasteful so soon after his passing.

For those submitting trailers - I'll see what I can do about a new format for them. I'm sincerely sorry about all this.

Satoru Iwata, may your soul find a great gameroom up there.

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We need trailers... or else this happens.    Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Sunday, 12th July 2015 at 10:22:30 PM

It should be taken for granted, I'd presume, that if NCFC Directs are in, that NCFC is taking trailers for your games. However, I... didn't quite get enough last week, so for now I'm working with this.

Enjoy Iwata (and Bill Trinen!) acting a bit unlike themselves.

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Date set for NCFC 2015!    Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Monday, 6th July 2015 at 01:21:03 AM

Surprised? I wanted to do this earlier in the summer, but it seems late August is the most requested date.

The date change is in response to critiques and decreasing activity over the previous years. Since this date is being freshly established, I don't expected a dramatic upturn in participation, but it'll hopefully start the trend and get people to expecting summer to be NCFC-time!

Further details are being ironed out, but here's what I got planned:

1) This NCFC is going to have a Satellaview theme to comme...

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NCFC 2014 is Now Over    Posted by Emperor on Saturday, 8th November 2014 at 05:44:19 AM
The five days of NCFC have now passed, marking the official end of NCFC 2014. It's been another fantastic year with lots of submissions, workshops, and streaming fun - and we've certainly got many games to play in the coming days.

We've changed some things around since last year, so if you have any additional thoughts or feedback, feel free to post them in this news thread.

See you all next year for NCFC 2015!

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Livestream logs WILL be available for anyone who missed them.    Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Tuesday, 4th November 2014 at 01:08:36 AM
And to start, here's a log of what Plom streamed the other night.

Here's some other logs!


Bingo the Multiva play by Kiddo:

Super UDK&RU Country by Kiddo:

Bluecore Log:

Touhoumon Purple by Kiddo:

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I sincerely apologize about Bluecore being lousy at your game.    Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Monday, 3rd November 2014 at 09:42:51 PM
Just saying.

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